When it comes to complexity, Joomla! places somewhere between simple WordPress and comprehensive and advanced Drupal. We can include Full WordPress in Joomla but Wordpress never add joomla features, Because of Joomla is largest CMS. The Open Source script is very popular among programmers who create even quite advanced websites with it. The CMS can be downloaded and viewed at www.joomla.org

Easy to install

:- Joomla! is quite easy to install. It takes only about five to ten minutes from downloading to having a working script on a server. Also is still much simpler than Drupal and other CMS.


:- The script has several thousands of free plugins available at the homepage. WordPress may have even more, but to make it as functional as Joomla!, you have to instal dozen or so plugins to start with.

Provide Best Support

:- There is abundance of programmer's tools and tutorials available for users. There's also an extensive discussion board.

Navigation management

:- The script has a comprehensive navigation system, that can successfully manage several hierarchies. It allows to easily manage a site even with couple hundred subpages.

Good looking URLs

:- Links generated by the script are very friendly and make for better SEO positioning.


:- When the page design is ready, there will come a time to update the script to a newer version. You can do it from web browser.

Advanced administration

:- Administration panel provides many functions that can be intimidating in the beginning. In time, however, you can master most of them to use the full potential of the script.